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Rotary distributors are used for the uniform distribution of screened and/or clarified wastewater over the surface of a biological filter media.  Flow is introduced at the center of the unit and is distributed by means of two or more rotating arms with orifices and spreaders.  Hydraulic power created by the reaction of the jet-like streams escaping from the orifices is sufficient to rotate the machine.  To uniformly distribute the flow in the thinnest possible sheet over the entire filter area, a spreader is provided at each orifice.

The proper combination of flow and head requirements determines the general type of rotary distributor recommended.  Center assembly designs are suitable for standard or high rate applications, with or without flow control features.  Distributor arms are of circular pipe construction or may be fabricated from steel plate with single or multiple compartments.

Our rotary distributors are furnished for all bed sizes and with center inlet diameters from 8 inches to 48 inches.  Depending on media depth and flow transition requirements, feed arrangements may be above or beneath the filter floor.  The height of the center well is varied according to the head required and support for the distributor arms is provided by either tie rods or trusses.