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Established by Michael Fiscus, MLF Enterprises has been a behind the scenes player in the water and wastewater treatment industry for decades.  Now taking a more primary role, MLF Enterprises primed to be a major player.  As the only fabricator for Case/Cotter inc. Mike and his team have built thousands of pieces of equipment still in use today.  His attention to detail, innovativeness, ability to problem solve and shear fabrication talent is not only evident in the pieces he has created but is also contagious to his entire organization.  

Mike has tapped into some of the most experienced talent in the industry to take MLF Enterprises to the next level.  Understanding that great organizations consist of great individuals, MLF Enterprises is made up with some of the brightest and most experienced individuals in wastewater treatment.  Experience goes a long way, but new ideas, new thoughts, cutting edge technologies and the never ending quest to make something better is still at the core of MLF Enterprises, we believe we have found the perfect balance between the two.  

Located just outside of Denver, Colorado, MLF Enterprises consults, designs, manufactures, repairs and refurbishes all types of water and wastewater treatment equipment including clarifiers, aeration basins, package plants, bar screens, multiplex filters, grit removal systems, rotary distributors and more.  We have worked for municipalities, military bases, private corporations, engineering firms and general contractors.