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The principle items of equipment in a pre-fabricated carbon steel packaged wastewater treatment plant include, but is not limited to the following:  inlet bar screen, optional comminutor,  optional flow equalization basin, optional flow equalization pumps, optional digester, optional supernatant air lift pump, optional flow control trough with overflow and 90o V-notch weir, aeration basin, diffused air aeration system, clarifier basin, return sludge airlift pump, air lift skimmer, baffles, effluent weir trough, chlorine contact basin, table style chlorine feeder, optional froth spray, plant walkway with handrails, ladder, optional stairs, rotary blowers complete with necessary motors and control panel with housing, and all internal plant piping and wiring.

This type of plant comes in many sizes, but basically there are just two compartments or tanks made from one large tank. The larger compartment is used for aeration, and the smaller one for clarification and settling.

The most common types of treatment processes are the extended aeration type, the contact stabilization type, and the complete mix type. These processes are essentially modifications to the conventional activated sludge process and describe the structural arrangement of the aeration tank as well as the various arrangements of process streams that are used to provide process flexibility. Realistically, almost all package plants are of the extended aeration type. They have long solids retention times, high mixed liquor suspended solids and low food/microorganism ratios.

The advantages of package plants are that they are effective, the final effluent can be safely discharged into the environment, ease of operation, low maintenance, and have a long service life.

Typical Applications: Military Bases, Power Plants, Mobile Home Parks, Schools & Mining/Construction sites