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The MLF Multiplex Filter is a granular bed filter of the enclosed type. In its most common form it consists of fup to 8 individual filter compartments, each containing specially prepared and graded filter media.  The type and gradations of the media employed are varied, depending on the particular influent water to be treated and other factors.  The design is such that the filter may be supplied with water from either a pressure or gravity source.

During normal service operation water enters the top of each compartment through a separate inlet distributor and flows downward through the filter media to the common underdrain system.  The underdrain usually consists of a single header, fabricated integral with the vessel, to which laterals are attached.  This underdrain evenly collects the flow, which leaves the unit through a common outlet connection.  When backwashing is required to remove entrapped particulate matter, the inlet valve to one filter compartment is closed and the backwash outlet valve of that compartment is opened.  The water continues to flow downward through the three remaining cells and upward through the fourth. The bed is fluidized and the flow rate is maintained to provide optimum scrubbing and cleansing action.  Backwash water is drawn off through the upper distributor and flows to waste.  This operation is continued for each of the other three compartments.  After all compartments have been backwashed and before the filter is returned to service, it is rinsed to waste.  This insures that the filter beds have been properly resettled and that the unit is producing a high quality effluent prior to its being returned to service.

Typical applications include:
Mining/Tunneling operations
Industrial Markets