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Mechanical, Slow Speed Surface Aerators

Since 1961, the low speed surface aerators fabricated by MLF Enterprises have been utilized in many industrial and municipal wastewater treatment applications. High oxygen transfer, pumping efficiency, and flexibility of design make this unit suitable for nearly every aeration problem. The unit is available for either fixed or float mounted application.  

Horizontal Rotor Aerators

The Case/Cotter horizontal surface rotor aerator fabricated by MLF Enterprises is an efficient aerator designed to transfer atmospheric oxygen to a liquid and impart sufficient energy to develop and maintain an average velocity of one foot per second at any cross section of the aerator.

The Case/Cotter horizontal surface rotor aerator manufactured by MLF Enterprises consists of a series of blades connected to a horizontal torque tube which is supported at both ends by cylindrical roller bearings.  It is manufactured in convenient lengths up to 30 feet per rotor.

The design is such that the aeration blades do not form a straight line along the rotor axis.  Each aeration blade is on a different plane, so that as the horizontal surface rotor aerator rotates, one aeration blade at a time comes in contact with the liquid surface, providing a constant non-pulsating torque at the drive shaft. This positioning of the aeration blades also generates the spiral flow circulation.

The aeration blades are connected at the horizontal torque tube and are completely open at the outer diameter. This design provides a totally clog-free unit, since all debris is thrown from the aeration blades by centrifugal force during rotation.